The future is Fairphone.


Photo credit: Fairphone

I love my Lumia 720, but my next phone will most certainly be a Fairphone. Produced using conflict-free resources, by a company committed to good, transparent working conditions and safe recycling practices, Fairphones stand out. They shouldn’t – all companies producing mobile phones should adhere to their principles – but they do. At €325 they’re not the cheapest, but the company says the price tag reflects the real cost of producing the phone, externalities included. Now, getting one isn’t quite as easy as popping into your local mobile phone shop, but the good news is that a second batch of Fairphones is currently being produced, and by signing up you can be the first to know when they are available. I’d sign up only I’m hoping to get a few more years out of my Lumia – no point contributing to e-waste even if it for moving to a less polluting alternative.


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