Is your country fat?

fat country

The answer depends (partly) on your toilet. While Japan continues to produce toilets that are as far removed from the reality of what one does on a toilet as possible, composting toilets are increasingly gaining traction in poorer countries.

At least that seems to be kind of what Nigerian-American journalist Day Olopade maintains. In her book The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa the author makes the argument that it might not be all that bad not to be a ‘fat’ country. Being a citizen of a ‘lean’ country may in fact mean you’re ‘a better person’; “Individual Africans waste less food, owe less money, and maintain a regional carbon footprint that is the lowest in the world,” Olopade says (in The Atlantic). Coupled with that, necessity and lack of service delivery by the state means many Africans have to be creative to make ends meet.

Sounds like Olopade knows what she’s talking about. Definitely one for the Kindle.


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