African youth will protest?

Credit: Magnus Aronson/OmVärlden

Interesting piece by Marika Griehsel in the Swedish magazine OmVärlden. Griehsel writes about her recent visit to Namibia, and how the country may really be in the process of graduating out of the low income country group into a more middle income status. However, should it be successful, she maintains, Namibia may feel quite alone in the group: a number of other African countries – including some the newly christened ‘Lion Economies’ – are turning increasingly inward, with mounting oppression of unwanted voices. Griehsel is no dreamer; she sees things for what they are – it is clear that the path towards a sustainable and equitable future for Africa may consequently be on the verge of being lost. But she has hope. She has hope in the youth of Africa, to organise and act to depose self-indulging and oppressive elites, and bring change.

I hope she is right.


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