Renminbi building Lilongwe.

Shots of two large Chinese funded developments in Lilongwe: the National Stadium and the Henan Guoji Investment housing complex. The former is a venture to build a state-of-the-art stadium with capacity for 40,000 people. The project, based on an approximately $65m loan from China to Malawi, is expected to be in preparation of a Malawian bid to host the African Cup of Nations. The second project is a joint venture between the Malawi Housing Corporation and Chinese investment firm Henan Guoji Investments to build 7,500 housing units. The images below are from Lilongwe’s Area 49; it is unclear whether or not all the 7,500 houses are to be built in the same area, but what is blatantly clear is that the project, two years on, still has some ways to go. A big question mark is also who is going to live in the houses which are evidently beyond the financial reach of the country’s poor population.

chinese stadium 1

chinese stadium 2

chinese development 2

chinese development 3


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