A day at school.

school detail 6

Took these shots while doing workshops in local primary schools in Lilongwe recently. I’m a big fan of the architecture and design of local schools here, though haven’t spoken to users to know if the classrooms actually ‘work’. I would imagine it’s tough to design low-cost schools in a country where, over the course of a year, day-time temperatures can vary widely, from under 10 degrees to closer to 30 (Celsius). More schools/classrooms are however needed; most schools, particularly in poorer areas of Lilongwe, are said to be over-crowded. (The photos were taken during a school holiday.)

school detail 11_r

school detail 10_r

school detail 9_r

school detail 8_r

school detail 7_r

school detail

school detail12_r

school detail 2

school detail 5

school detail 4

school detail 3


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