This site is migrating.


Hello trusty followers and people who randomly end up on this site! I’ve just bought my own urbanopolista URL and all content has been moved over there. I’ll keep this up for a while but there won’t be any new posts here so head on over to the new site!


There are no gods: An atheist’s reading list.

Great overview of some of the leading atheist thinkers in this piece in Salon.

Love this Richard Dawkins quote:

“[S]uch very proper purging of saccharine false purpose; such laudable tough-mindedness in the debunking of cosmic sentimentality must not be confused with the loss of personal hope. Presumably there is indeed no purpose in the ultimate fate of the cosmos, but do any of us really tie our life’s hopes to the ultimate fate of the cosmos anyway? Of course we don’t; not if we are sane. Our lives are ruled by all sorts of closer, warmer, human ambitions and perceptions. To accuse science of robbing life of the warmth that makes it worth living is so preposterously mistaken, so diametrically opposite to my own feelings and those of most working scientists, I am almost driven to the despair of which I am wrongly suspected.”

A not so private proposal.

So this is what it feels like to be proposed to on a podcast. On the latest episode of one of my favourite podcasts, Answer Me This, a certain Greg in Baghdad asks hosts Helen & Olly: “Helen and Olly, answer me this, will Nora in Malawi marry me?”. You’ll have to wait until the next episode, out in two weeks’ time, for the answer. The suspense is clearly unbearable.